en liten (lång) text så här på kvällen

it's like
a superhero with no powers,
a puzzle with a missing piece,
a movie without anything happening,
a computer with no screen,
a spy without an objective,
a song without melody or rythm,
a door without a knob,
food without taste,
a desert without sand,
a question-mark without the dot,
dreamhack without computers,
the internet with no websites,
an octopus without tentacles,
an evil doctor without a mad face,
an airplane with no wings or engines,
an e-mail adress without the "@" symbol,
the binary numeral system with no "1",
a hospital with no doctors,
a torrent without any seeders,
an encyclopedia with no text,
minesweeper with no mines,
thermite without the extreme heat,
a shotgun with no shells,
an alien without a spaceship,
a vampire that can't suck human blood,
dvd's with no copyright protection,
the second world war with no hitler,
a skydiver with no parachute,
the 70's without stupid looking glasses and clothes,
a joke with no punchline,
the new testament without jesus,
the old testament without adam and eve,
the bible without god,
a monster truck with no wheels,
youtube with no videos,
google with no search results,
an internet community without any users,
wikipedia without any articles,
an eye without a pupil,
a cinema without a projector,
jolt cola without the caffeine,
spotify with no songs,
a village with no houses,
harry potter without his scar,
a game console with no games

Postat av: MELLI

sv: åh tack hörru! : D

2010-03-26 @ 22:46:47
URL: http://ellys.blogg.se/
Postat av: Elin

Fin blogg!

2010-03-27 @ 14:51:15
URL: http://fashionbyelin.blogg.se/
Postat av: frida

fy fy fy fy vad fint!!!!

2010-04-02 @ 18:56:15
URL: http://skarpt.blogg.se/

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